American Beauties is an indie folk-rock band whose sound is reminiscent of the west coast folk-rock bands of the late 1960s and early 1970s. With rich guitar driven melodies, layered harmony vocals, and songs that ring nostalgic while conveying modern sounds and themes, American Beauties has been likened to CSNY, The Byrds, The Jayhawks, and Wilco.


Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica / Michael Gray

Guitar / Jonas Kahn

Drums, Percussion, Vocals / Jeff Allison

Bass / Justin Kolack


Other Beauties

Amber Casares - Vocals; Ducky Carlisle - Drums, Engineering, Production; Chuck Vath - Bass; Chris Faris - Guitar; Luke Gosselin - Guitar; Russell Chudnofsky - Guitar; Evan Harriman - Keyboards.