The idea of roots rock, or Americana bands took hold in the 1990s, seemingly as a reaction to the heavily synthesizer-oriented music of the 1980s. Bands like the Jayhawks and later Wilco represented a younger generation of players, who drew their influence from the earlier styles that led to rock & roll in the first place -- like folk, blues and country. The roots rockers concentrated on the instrumentation that was around during the formative days of rock, but sometimes added a bit of the alternative rock influence they grew up on...

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Too Worn To Mend deliberately steps to you with the mid-tempo'd "Snow Blind," bringing with it Jayhawks-like vocal harmonies and full-bodied production qualities. The album was mixed and recorded by Grammy Award winner Ducky Carlisle (Buddy Guy, Living Proof) and the honest sound shines through via crisp vocals, broad drums, and delicate guitars. Mastering duties were dealt to Roger Siebel (Decemberists, Death Cab for Cutie), who gave the album a warm, friendly, and familiar feeling...

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Having been raised with the lush harmonies of Crosby, Stills Nash and Young, and even working with Stephen Stills for a little while, I resonate with bands that understand how to construct layered harmony vocals in earworm arrangements – songs that make you hum and sing. American Beauties is a band that does that. They happily insinuate their music into the soundtrack of your life. They’re not quite folk, not quite pop, not quite rock and not quite country; they skillfully blend all these genre’s into something that is greater than the sum of its parts. Rich guitars, gentle bass, steel pedal hints, subtle drum beats and great background vocals enable American Beauties to paint their lyrical vignettes with skill and grace...